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Summer Services & Planning

As summer rolls into Lubbock, it’s time for us to kick our lawn care into high gear. We stick to a regular routine, making sure your lawn stays in top shape with our weekly visits. Mowing is more than just cutting grass; it’s about adapting to the summer sun and ensuring your lawn stays resilient and healthy. We keep a close eye on the condition of your turf, providing the right fertilization to maintain that vibrant West Texas green.

From Planning to Planting

Summer lawn services made easy


Lawn mowing


De-weeding and edging


Hedge trimming and pruning


Flowerbed maintenance


Ground cover trimming


Patio and landscape design

Alongside our lawn care, we give your garden the attention it deserves. Pruning your shrubs and ornamental grasses is key, and we do it with a careful hand to encourage their growth in this unique climate. Flower beds are our pride, kept free of weeds and full of life with summer favorites like petunias and marigolds. They’re not just plants; they’re a testament to the beauty and spirit of Lubbock. Our summer services are all about blending expert care with that local touch, ensuring your outdoor space is a perfect reflection of our proud West Texas roots.

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