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Winter Services & Planning

When winter rolls into Lubbock, our services are all about keeping your property safe and looking good. Snow removal is a big deal for us; we keep driveways, parking lots, and walkways clear so you can move around without worry. Ice management is also key – we spread ice melt on sidewalks and driveways to prevent slipping. And we’re not just about clearing snow; we also focus on keeping your plants and trees in top shape. Winter pruning helps some of them get ready for a healthy spring, and we apply a special winter fertilizer to strengthen plant roots against the cold.

Frost Guard Maintenance

Commercial and residential


Snow and ice removal


Ice management


Gutter clean out


Tree and shrub trimming


Law and bed maintenance


Holiday lighting and storage

We also take care of other winter essentials. Clearing debris like fallen branches is part of our routine, as well as protecting your sensitive plants with burlap coverings against the frost. Gutter cleaning is important to avoid water build-up and ice dams, and we wrap young or vulnerable trees to protect them from frost and animals. Even in winter, some landscapes need watering, especially on those warmer days. Plus, we’re here to brighten up your property with holiday lighting and decorations, bringing a festive spirit to your home or business. With our winter services, you can relax knowing your property is well taken care of during the Lubbock winter.

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